Despite the stories you may have heard, the reputation of pain that some people associate with having a root canal is really not deserved.

For the majority of people who undergo this treatment the experience itself would be comparable to having a filling replaced.

When Root Canal Treatment is Needed

The pulp inside a tooth can be damaged by cracks in the tooth, deep cavities or accidents.

Germs (or bacteria) can get into the tooth and lead to infected tooth pulp. This situation may cause pain and/or swelling.

Sometimes, the pulp becomes infected or dies, but does not cause any pain.

Your dentist may notice:

• Changes in the colour of the tooth,

• Changes in your gums, or

• Changes picked up by a dental x-ray.

If a great deal of dental work is needed, your dentist can tell from your exam and x-rays that the pulp of the tooth is not likely to survive.

In all these cases, root canal treatment can ease or prevent symptoms, and save the tooth.

In most cases a crown will be recommended because chewing puts a great deal of force on your teeth so covering up the root canal tooth would be the best way to protect it.


We use high-tech rotary instruments with torque control minimize the need for hand files. The root canal filing is applied using high tech heating devices.

We use the most modern and the safest digital x-rays.