Dental Implants are small, titanium, screw-shaped threaded cylinders that are placed into the bone arches of the mouth.

They are used to replace one or many missing teeth, or to stabilize dentures.

Titanium is used in other operations such as knee or hip replacements - so it is a proven surgical component.

A crown, with the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth is then affixed to an abutment which is connected to the implant.

What are the benefits of implants?

● There is a significant improvement in the overall quality of life for patients who have implant-supported or retained dentures, as opposed to standard or conventional (free-floating) dentures.

● Implants maintain, or realign facial structure and profile, and preserve bone.

● Dental Implants are easy to clean, and do not decay.

● Implants help to preserve adjacent natural teeth. With an implant-supported bridge, there is no need to stress or traumatize adjacent natural teeth in order to hold the bridge in place. Traditional removable partial dentures also place stress forces on the remaining natural teeth.

● Implant-supported crowns and bridges have a longer functioning life than conventional crowns and bridges placed over natural tooth structure.

● Implants help to prevent the appearance of premature aging due to bone loss. Osteoporosis can accelerate bone loss with patients using standard or conventional dentures.

● Patients who wear conventional full dentures often experience difficulty eating, speaking and smiling. Implant-supported dentures virtually eliminate embarrassing denture slippage. The implants "anchor" the dentures.

● Implants are cost effective when taking into account the functioning life of the implant

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Our implant dentists are graduates of the Misch International Implant Institute.The most thorough implant training available in Canada and the US.

We carry all the neccessary equipment for every implant type approved by Health Canada.